Vital Information Guide

Emergency strikes. Your parent suffers sudden memory loss or passes away. Now, in addition to taking care of your parent or coping with grief, you find yourself rifling through paperwork, trying to piece together the details of their life.

Mom once said, “the important papers are in the safe in the closet”— but that’s only some of what you need.

Where is the rest of it? Where is her marriage certificate? Where is Dad’s DD 214? Did she ever sign that Power of Attorney or Will? Where are they?

Is the homeowner’s insurance current? Which company insures the car? Which cable provider are they using? Where is all their account information?

Worse, if your parents receive statements and pay bills electronically, how do you access their online accounts?

If something happened to your parents, would you have all the information you need to handle their affairs? The legal documents giving you authority to handle your parents affairs are very important– but they don’t provide you the information you need!

Too often, families are unequipped with the information they need to deal with the hand life has dealt them. Instead of spending time with or grieving the loss of your parent, you are running around trying to piece together information that is at your parents’ fingertips.

That’s why we developed our exclusive Vital Information Guide— a comprehensive, 35 page, printable workbook designed to be completed in the comfort of your own home.

The Vital Information Guide provides space to document CRITICAL details such as:

  • Personal information
  • Marital information
  • Family information
  • Estate plan information
  • Asset information
  • Liabilities information
  • Pet information
  • Digital account information
  • Professional contact information
  • Income information
  • Funeral arrangement information

No family can afford to be without this comprehensive guide. We used to only offer the Vital Information Guide to clients who hired us to prepare a complete estate plan.

But it’s so important that families do what they can to lessen the burden on their loved ones that we’ve decided to offer it to you for FREE!

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