Land Use(Subdivisions & Variances)

When you make certain changes or improvements to property, complicated land use planning and zoning laws are implicated. You may need to make application to the local planning board or zoning board of adjustment to obtain approval for your project before moving forward.

An experienced attorney can help you navigate the application process whether you need approval to develop your property, need variances, or want to subdivide your property.

First, an attorney will help you determine what professionals are needed to prepare the application. Then, an attorney will coordinate the various professionals throughout the application development and filing process and ensure the proper evidence is developed prior to the hearing.

Ultimately, there will be a hearing where your application is decided by the appropriate board. Our attorneys will act as the conductor for your application—ensuring the right people say the right things and produce the right evidence at the right time to meet all the requirements of the law—and will be prepared to address any questions or issues raised by the board.

In the game of land development, time is money. Contact us to see how our attorneys can help you streamline the process so that you can get your project underway sooner rather than later.