Elder Law & Medicaid Planning

Aging seniors often need long-term care, and the costs can deplete their life savings. Our attorneys help families plan to meet their medical needs, put the appropriate legal documents in place, preserve assets, obtain critical financial assistance, avoid liens, and provide for their loves ones. It starts with a plan.

Estate Planning (Wills, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills)

Estate plans ensure you and your family are taken care of if something happens to you. By planning ahead, you control what happens and who is in charge, save time and money, and make things as simple as possible. Every adult should have an estate plan regardless of their circumstances.

Probate & Estate Administration

Losing a loved one is painful, and the estate administration process is overwhelming. An experienced attorney streamlines the process, explains what is expected, and assists in opening the estate, marshaling and securing assets, ascertaining and paying liabilities, making distributions to beneficiaries, and finalizing the estate.

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Closings and Settlement Services

Real estate often represents the largest investment people make. The process can be complicated and emotional, and having experienced counsel to help you through the process is priceless.

Medicaid Applications

The Medicaid program provides assistance to families to pay for long-term care, but the application process can be a minefield. An experienced elder law attorney knows exactly what documentation you need and when you should file, making the process less overwhelming and more efficient.

Landlord Tenant Matters

The relationship between Landlord and Tenant is best managed by setting clear expectations via a written lease. Even with the best intentions, occasionally relations deteriorate and eviction or other litigation is necessary.

Land Use (Subdivisions and Variances)

When you have a zoning issue, variance, or subdivision, it is important to have a land use attorney provide you guidance in dealing with the local planning and zoning boards so you can avoid lengthy and sometimes costly applications.