Our Process & What Planning Costs

Estate Planning with Costanzo & Russom Law Group begins with a brief introductory phone call where you’ll explain your goals, learn about our process and range of fees, and, if we both feel it’s a good fit, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule a Consultation with an attorney in our office.

Once your Consultation is scheduled and prior to your meeting with the attorney, we’ll send you an intake questionnaire which will help you gather the information the attorney will need to be able to provide you advice suited to your specific needs.

During your Consultation, we’ll learn about your unique family and financial circumstances. 

We’ll discuss exactly what would happen to you, your assets, and your family based on the plan you currently have in place. If you haven’t done any estate planning in the past, we’ll explain what the State’s plan is for you and your family.

If there’s something about your current plan that you’d like to improve, we can help you put a Plan in place to address your concerns. 

For those who just want one or two documents, we have A la Carte options, where you can choose the specific legal documents you wish to put in place.

For those who want to put a thorough Plan in place to protect themselves and their loved ones, we have various Levels of Planning. During your Consultation, we will review the Levels of Planning with you, and you will select the Level that best suits your budget and your goals.

For a married couple that isn’t worried about long-term care planning, we have Plans ranging from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on whether you are comfortable leaving assets outright to your children when you’re gone.

For unmarried individuals who aren’t worried about long-term care planning, we have Plans ranging from $1,000 to $4,000. 

We also have Plans for Blended Families and for clients concerned about long-term care planning.

Perhaps most importantly, all of our comprehensive Plans come with our Plan Ensurance™ Kit to help ensure that your Plan (actually) works when your family needs it most!

You might be thinking that these fees are higher than what you’d expect from a traditional estate planning lawyer or what you would pay to get a fill-in-the-blank Will on the internet, and you are partially correct. 

It’s true that your investment might be higher, but so is the comprehensiveness and quality of the service you will receive working with Costanzo & Russom Law Group.

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