Lawyer for Life


Traditional Estate Planning attorneys do your documents and then don’t follow up with you ever again. Those plans aren’t updated over time and don’t keep up with the changes in your life. As you can imagine, a plan like this often doesn’t work when your family needs it most. 

At Costanzo & Russom Law Group, we see setting up your Estate Plan as the beginning of a lifelong relationship. 

We want our clients to know they have trusted advisors to turn to throughout their lifetime and that their families have someone to turn to after they are gone. 

We want to be there with you when you sell your family home and buy a new one; when your family grows; and when you lose a loved one.  

That’s why we developed our Lawyer for Life Program. After your Estate Plan is signed, you’ll receive complimentary access to the Lawyer for Life Program as part of our Plan Ensurance™ Kit. 

In the Lawyer for Life program, we will review your Plan with you every three years, discuss what has changed in your life, and let you know whether you should update your Estate Plan as a result of those changes.

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