How to Create a Memory Box

Protecting your Personal Wealth is equally as important as protecting your Financial Wealth. After all, you are worth so much more than the assets that you own!

One of the key ways to preserve your Personal Wealth is by creating Memory Boxes.

I’ve had a Memory Box for most of my life. It started as a shoebox in intermediate school. I would stuff pictures, ticket stubs, notes from friends, and the like into that box. As time went on, I had multiple shoe boxes, a larger box, and so on. I got married, became a mom, and, well, my boxes runneth over.

Preserving keepsakes and special items is a passion project of mine, but so is staying organized! The shoe box method worked when I was a teenager, but it wasn’t a suitable long-term solution.

So, let’s talk about how you can create a Memory Box that will help you preserve your keepsakes without filling your closet with unorganized cardboard boxes.

Gather Your Supplies

As with all projects, preparation is key! But don’t worry, the supplies you need for a Memory Box are easy to find and inexpensive. To create a Memory Box, you’ll need the following items:

  • Plastic Hanging File Tote

First, you need a Plastic Hanging File Tote. Plastic Totes are best because *stuff happens.* People spill things, and basements flood. The items that make it into Memory Boxes are usually irreplaceable, and it’s smart to protect them from the things you can.

You can get Plastic Hanging File Totes in varying sizes. Choose a size that makes sense to you. Totes that have Hanging File Rails work best for this project.

Below are links to a couple of options.*

  • Hanging File Folders

The second item you will need is a set of Hanging File Folders. These will sit on the Rails in the Plastic Tote.

For young children, the Memory Box should have 14 Hanging File Folders. This provides 1 section for each grade: Pre-K through 12th Grade.

For other stages of life, consider how many sections you want it to have when thinking about how many Hanging File Folders to purchase.

Below are links to a couple of options.*

  • Labels (Optional)

Most Hanging File Folders come with tabs and labels that you can use. Use these to tab each folder to de-note the section. For example, Pre-K, K, 1, 2, etc.

You can also create custom labels and add them to the front of each folder, but these won’t be visible once you assemble the Memory Box.

Assemble Your Memory Box

Once you have your supplies, assembling your Memory Box couldn’t be easier!

Add your desired labels to the Hanging File Folders and then hang the folders along the Rails inside the Plastic Tote.

Preserve your Keepsakes

Now, for the fun part. As you come across special items that you want to preserve in your Memory Box, simply slip them into the hanging folder and you’re done!

I recommend keeping the Memory Boxes close by so that it’s easy to add your keepsakes to them as you go. If you “store” it somewhere out of the way, like your basement, you may find that adding things to the Memory Box becomes too much of a chore. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be! The easiest thing to do is keep it in a bedroom closet if you have room.

These are simple Memory Boxes. You could probably purchase a pre-made Memory Box, but there’s no need to spend that kind of money! We’d encourage you to keep perspective on the fact that the important part of a Memory Box is what’s stored inside!

What’s Your Legacy?

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