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How Costanzo & Russom Law Group can help you:

  • Our attorneys can help you negotiate the terms of your contract.

New Jersey residential real estate contracts prepared by licensed real estate agents must contain an attorney review clause. The form real estate contracts that your agent may have you sign can be improved upon and altered by an attorney to provide you more protection as you buy and sell real estate. An experienced Toms River attorney can spot and correct potential problems during the attorney review period—long before they become realities—and explain other seemingly confusing terms to make the process easier to understand.

  • Our attorneys can help you negotiate credits or repairs for issues that arise during home inspections.

New Jersey real estate contracts often provide purchasers the opportunity to conduct home, termite, radon, well and/or lead inspections, depending on the factual scenario. If you are purchasing property, Costanzo & Russom Law Group can negotiate with the other party or the other party’s attorney on your behalf to help you obtain repairs or credits for defects uncovered during your inspection. If you are selling property, we can negotiate to help you minimize your losses. Contracts typically contain deadlines for home inspection repair requests and responses, but our promptness and organization ensures that you will never miss a contractual deadline.

  • Our attorneys will ensure that you are conveying or receiving clear and marketable title.

When purchasing or selling property, it is important to ensure that you are receiving or conveying clear title. Clear title, put simply, means ownership in the property free from any encumbrances. Encumbrances could include open mortgages, liens, judgments, child support arrears, tax liens, DMV liens, and many other title issues. For example, if the current or previous owners had judgments against them, they could attach to the property you are about to purchase and harm your ownership interest in the property.  Sellers have an obligation to convey title free from such encumbrances. Further, if you are buying property with another person or entity, you should know whether they have judgments against them which could attach to the property and harm your ownership interest so that they may be taken care of before you close title. Our Toms River real estate lawyers work with local title companies to run searches against the property and the parties to ensure that clear and marketable title title is conveyed and that purchasers obtain title insurance to protect their property interest in the future.

  • Our attorneys will ensure that title is properly conveyed and that all documents and payments required by government agencies, title companies, and mortgage companies are properly made.

When a home is purchased or sold, many documents need to be executed, many others need to be recorded or filed with the government, and there are fees and taxes that may need to be paid.  Our experienced Toms River attorneys know which documents need to be executed, how they should be executed, where and how they need to be filed, and what fees or taxes need to be paid. If you are selling real estate, we will prepare all of the documents you need, explain them to you, and send them to the appropriate entity or government agency. If you are purchasing real estate, we will review the seller’s documents to ensure they are done properly, explain the seller’s and your mortgage company’s documents to you, help you execute the mortgage package, and submit the documents to the appropriate entities.

NOTE: This page is for general information only and is not to be relied upon. You should consult a Toms River attorney so that we can help you successfully close your real estate transaction.

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