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Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation as an Alternative

If you are contemplating a legal separation or divorce in New Jersey and have considered consulting with a divorce attorney, or if you have already retained your own attorney and are currently involved in litigation, you may want to explore the benefits of working together with your spouse with a mediator in divorce mediation. It takes time and sometimes great expense for divorce actions to be resolved in court.

Most divorces are settled without a trial. However, the litigation usually required to get to settlement is expensive and time consuming. Divorce mediation allows the parties to control the process. The mediator facilitates the parties in addressing all of the issues of the divorce. Where appropriate, the mediator may recommend that the parties also use the services of other experts in addressing specific issues. Mediation may also be used in family matters such as pre-nuptial agreements, grandparent issues, domestic partnerships, and post-divorce disputes. Divorce mediation will not only save you and your spouse the considerable time and expense of an adversarial legal proceeding, but it will also shelter you and your children from the most harmful emotional effects of your divorce.

For these reasons, divorce mediation is a procedure that more and more divorcing couples are employing. You, your spouse and your respective attorneys can be involved in the process.

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